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Thierry Giordano, Vladimir Pestov, Jean Renault and Ruy Exel.

Alcides Buss, Daniel Gonçalves and Danilo Royer.

A collaboration agreement was signed in 2009 by the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and the University of Ottawa to account for their common interests in many areas of Mathematics, including Operator Algebras and their links to Dynamical Systems and Group Actions. This is the second meeting to take place under the auspices of this agreement (the first one being the “Extended Workshop on Groups and Group Actions in Operator Algebra Theory”, held at the University of Ottawa in July, 2010). However, these workshops are open to everyone, and everybody is welcome.

Jurere Beach Village ( located in the beach of Jurere (Google Maps) Florianopolis, Brazil.

There will be two mini-courses of three one-hour lectures each, given by the two main speakers. Also, there will be 50-minute invited talks and 30-minute contributed talks. (Updated 06 Feb 2011)

To register please download this text file, fill it out using your favourite text editor, save it as text (please avoid unnecessarily complicated editor formats) and e-mail it as an attachement to the symposium e-mail address <>.

Alternatively you may copy and paste it directly on your mail editor and send it to us as the body of your message. In this case a “plain text” message is preferred over “rich formatting”.

If you would like to propose a talk, please indicate it in the registration form.

The registration deadline was extended to January 15.

There will be a registration fee, payable upon arrival, as follows:

Registration fees should be paid in Reals (the local currency), either in cash or Brazilian checks. We are not prepared to deal with credit cards, foreign checks or foreign currency. Please make sure to read the information about exchanging currency below.
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The symposium will take place at the Jurere Beach Village,,

an elegant seaside resort located by Jurere beach, where a block of rooms has been reserved for the symposium participants at discounted rates.

Other less expensive options within walking distance from the lecture room include:

Even less expensive options within a short bus ride:

If you still need more options, please try, which lists accomodation options in the beach of Jurere, or the neighbouring beach of Canasvieiras.

Another good source of information for accomodation options in Jurere is

Participants are expected to make their own hotel reservations by contacting the hotel directly.

If you choose to stay at Jurere Beach Village (, be sure to mention that you are a participant in the Brazilian Operator Algebras Symposium in order to get the discounted symposium rates.

February is high season in Florianopolis, when hotel rooms are in high demand. Therefore we recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible!!

In order to check if you need a visa to enter Brazil, you may visit the Brazilian Consulate's “Visa Requirements by Country” web page.

Even though Florianopolis is served by the “Hercilio Luz International Airport” (code FLN), very few international flights arrive directly in Florianopolis. International passengers will most likely book a flight to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and then take a local connecting flight to Florianopolis.

The major airlines offering multiple daily flights from either Sao Paulo or Rio to Florianopolis are TAM (, and GOL (

Both Sao Paulo and Rio have more than one major airport. Please make sure your connecting flight leaves from the same airport your international flight arrives at. Transferring between airports may be an unpleasant experience.

Once you have arrived at Florianopolis airport, the best way to reach Jurere Beach is by taxi, which usually takes approximately 35 minutes. The taxi ride costs R$ 89.00 on Sundays and evenings and R$ 74.00 on weekdays.

Rides may be prearranged by calling the taxi coop at +55(48)3331-4182 no later than 10:00pm on the day before. Drivers at this Coop accept most major credit cards.

Should you anticipate any difficulty in your communication with the taxi driver, please be prepared to show him/her the following text:

“Por favor me leve ao hotel ‘Jurere Beach Village’. Endereço: Alameda César Nascimento, 646, Jurere.”

The currency in Brazil is called “Real” and it is denoted “R$”. On August, 10 the exchange rate was R$ 1.75 to the US Dollar and R$ 2.31 to the Euro (please click here for updated rates).

The currency exchange office at the main lobby of the airport in Florianopolis is open from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekends and from 9:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.

Merchants in Florianopolis are not used to accepting foreign currency. On the other hand credit cards are widely accepted throughout Brazil.

Summer temperatures in Florianopolis normaly range between 27-30℃, with a very high degree of humidity. Thunderstorms are also common during this period of the year.

If you want to receive further information as it becomes available, please send us an e-mail at <>. You may also want to check this page regularly as we plan to keep all of the relevant information available here.

Looking forward to seeing you in Florianopolis in February!

Last updated 06 Feb 2011 Ruy Exel